Wall Soxx Gardens

Grows 36 lettuces, herbs, and veggies

​Perfect for balconies, walkways, apartment buildings, and commercial spaces

Installation available within a 50-mile radius of Los Angeles

Professional Installation

Soxx Only (for Pick-up)

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Crop Swap LA™ staff will schedule and install the vertical garden for you at your home or commercial address. 


  • Regenerative organic soil mixture and seasonally selected seedlings

  • Wall Garden from Varden and Garden Soxx

  • Automated irrigation

  • Delivery and professional installation

** Schedule a virtual meeting to discuss pricing and to determine where on your property the garden should go. Then, we'll confirm the earliest possible installation date.

Do you already have a garden and want to try the Garden Soxx in your space? They fit ANYWHERE.


  • 3ft long, 8" wide Garden Soxx, filled with CSLA vegetable garden mix.

  • Each Soxx holds 3-4 plants.

  • Seedlings included (depends on what's available)


The mesh technology serves as both mulch and weed preventer, and has a capacity of about 1 cu ft of soil.  

Vertical wall garden
Garden Soxx
Wall Garden