Help keep us Farming! Do you have any of these?

Land Donation – we’ll lease it, manage it, and and make a ton of food from it. So far we’ve had 9+ acres donated in the Los Angeles region, and we’re looking for more.

Small fleet of utility trucks or van – moving materials and workers

Protective gear – gloves, hats, sunblock (thank you Black Girl Sunscreen!)

Gardening supplies – shovels, rakes, saws, seedling boxes, greenhouse (large)

Building supplies – 2×6 redwood, hammers, nails, electric screwdrivers, screws, irrigation piping and sprayers/drippers, hoses, automated irrigation timers

Business services like free marketing, public relations help, and social media content creation

Branded t-shirts

Compost tins

Healthy snack and water sponsors for worker

For special events: Chef services Chiropractic healing Acupuncture healing

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