Our Vision

Nutrient-Grown Food

We are committed to growing healthiest crops possible. That means no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers are used on our farms. We use organic nutrients and organic farming techniques that produces crops that are superior in nutrition to conventionally-grown foods. We also follow a modern scientific farming method called Beyond Organic Growing System, which includes soil testing to adapt the medium perfectly for growth. 

Healthy Community

Through nutrition, gardening, and environmental stewardship, we seek to create a West Adams where everyone benefits and no one is left behind. We accomplish that through community outreach, an open dialogue with our local leaders, and offer support to our fellow farmers.

Economic Equality

We believe in an honest living wage. The average Los Angeleno needs $74,371 per year to live, and yet the average Los Angeleno makes just under $50k annually. A $15 minimum wage brings in $31,200 annually. While we work with our partners to advocate for income equality, we are committed to a sustainable business with healthy, thriving employees.

Social Equity

Reentry can mean any one re-entering society's main economic and social streams. For us, we are committed to recently incarcerated citizens and veterans who have the need for training and career opportunities. Nature accepts all, transforms it, and blossoms again. No matter how you became pushed to the side, there is a place for you within the life stream. Jobs, support, rehabilitation, and dignity. 

A Green Community

Our commitment to a healthy community includes a commitment to our environment. We use methods like greywater recycling, aeroponics, composting, reusable packaging, and green energy in our operations. 

Nature provides so abundantly that sharing food and communal space can nourish the whole of our economics, wellness, and dignity.