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Team and Contact

Most important are our volunteers, past and present, who have offered so much to get us where we are: food, tools, land, effort, publicity,money, and more. They have brought experience in landscaping, construction, irrigation, and regenerative growing systems, and we are grateful. After each volunteer work day, we hold hands to give thanks in what we call Crop Swap Circles. Each of the organizers below say "thanks" in similar circular fashion. 

Building a no-till garden in 2019

Jamiah Hargins


Gardener, father, collaborator


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Samantha Marie

SMLA Media

Media inquiries, content creation and social media management


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Brian Rosenbaum

Strategic Advisor

Organizational strategy and volunteer coordination

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Jelani Thomas

Urban Farmer

Creates homemade goods and medicines

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Dino Buiatti

Managing Director of Nationwide Realty

Farmers Market partner

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