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Welcome to the Asante Microfarm.



Installed in a South Los Angeles front yard; Asante Microfarm:

* grows more than 600 organically grown vegetable plants

* automatically captures and recycles water,

* stores 660 gallons of water for use to grow more food.


Crop Swap LA™ donates 10% of the harvest to the community and to sell most of the rest within just a few miles of the microfarm, to neighborhoods that are home to people most affected by food apartheid.


Asante is a Swahli word meaning thank you, and Crop Swap LA™ is full of gratitude to the many people who made this demonstration farm possible. It's our plan that very soon, Asante Microfarm will be just the first of many microfarms in yards, all showing off a beautiful way to help solve the city's most pressing food and water challenges. We hope you will be inspired to help Crop Swap LA™ on this journey.  

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