Guiding Values

"I looked around the city and wondered what I would feed my newborn daughter. It became clear that I needed to create it myself. So I hurried to build a vegetable garden."

Jamiah Hargins

Nature's Abundance is for Community Sharing

Volunteer run since October 2018, first under the name West Adams Crop Swap, Crop Swap LA invites gardeners across Los Angeles to bring their extra veggies, fruits, herbs, and valuable homemade items to trade whatever they wish. The abundance was enormous, and we got to thinking about ways to form infrastructures to harvest it ongoing. 


In the first year, over 100 gardeners gathered in Jamiah's backyard to support the movement, and now they hold the crop swap at the Seeds of Carver Community Garden every first Saturday. 

Organic isn't Enough

Nutrient Grown

It's hard to get what your body needs when even organic food is often grown in nutrient-deficient fields. Nutritious food is a right, not a luxury.


Crop Swap LA believes our food should be:

1) Grown in enriched and tested soil; for perfect mineral and nutrient composition.

2) Free of pesticides or any GMO seed usage.

3) Cared-for with methods described by biochemist and horticulturist Dr. Jana Bogs

Grown this way, veggies and fruit are easier to ingest into the body, provide us with with nutrients we need and will last longer in your refrigerator. 

See a recent interview between Dr. Bogs and Jamiah Hargins.

Rainwater Harvesting

A Garden Must

Southern California has many environmental challenges. Our biggest however, is our lack of water. Everyday, we import 1.5 billion gallons of water - yikes! How could we ever we justify using water to grow our gardens?

Thankfully, we have not even scratched the surface in Rainwater Harvesting. Capturing free rainwater for future irrigation reuse must be part of the next sustainable evolution of our City of Los Angeles.

Crop Swap LA is partnering with Enviroscape and Mike Garcia for future installations, ensuring our impact is net positive.


Nature offers an abundance of chances to regain control of our food, money, social habits and environment. 


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